Friday, June 24, 2011


This morning, I embarked on a mission to Uwajimaya. My abuela drives this elderly asian woman every Friday to Uwajimaya and to the chinese produce store on Jackson. Due to my abuela being out of town, I took on the role of driving Mrs. Campbell (that's her name).  Although our language barrier is often an issue, her mumbles and my 'excuse me??' get our conversations moving as we drive to the international district. When I walked into Uwajimaya, all the colors and smells immediately reassured me why I loved the asian culture so much.  The candy section is like this wonderful mystery. I can't read what it says but I know that if it's candy, it'll be delicious. The details and art that goes on these wrappers is enough for me to buy the candy.  My favorite aisle, the noodle aisle.  There is a whole side dedicated to different kinds of packaged noodles, it's like i've gone to heaven. The food court is filled with numerous smells, asian meats and pastries. My nose is so tickled with delightful smells I don't even know which to focus on.

I'm not sure why I am so attracted to the asian culture. Maybe it could be that my only friends up until high-school were ALL asian or maybe it's just because my curiosity drives me to new likings.  Either way, culture is at its finest when it's expanded and explored.

As I unloaded Mrs. Campbell's groceries onto the check stand, I was amused by the choices she chose and the options I may have never chosen for myself.  We are two different individuals but were linked by Uwajimaya. As we enter the car, she hands me this asian pastry and says 'you--eat.' Thank you, Mrs. Campbell, for sharing with me, your culture.


  1. YOU ARE SO ADORABLE. Can I join you on some of your adventures? And you should be a writer. So interesting!!!

  2. Gabi, you have a talent for writing. I took Mrs Campbell shopping years ago. I found her to be interesting and funny. But she must like you. She never offered me a pastry. Great post !