Monday, June 27, 2011

Furry best friends

Let me tell you why I love dogs so much. When I was born, my parents had a dog already, her name was Nana. The cutest boxer you would ever meet.  My memory of her has many holes and missing parts but what I do remember the most is sitting on our black leather couch one morning, crying my eyes out, preparing myself to say goodbye to our beloved Nana. She was now very old and also very frail. At the time, I was 5 years old and for some reason, I was ok with the idea of putting her down, letting her go to heaven--I understood why we needed to but a feeling I didn't understand anymore...

All dogs have numerous personalities. Like my very own kaiah, she is as hyper as can be but her heart is so big she can hardly contain her love for humans and dogs.  My good friend jackie's dog, Paige was rescued and due to her history, lacks a lot of trust in people. But she has been in good and trusting hands that her fears have decreased. Whitney's dog, Stella, is small and skinny, which can be intimidating in a big world but has the most pizzaz and confidence i've ever seen. We don't realize the similarities between humans and dogs. All we want is to be accepted, comforted and loved, which seems so simple and yet a struggle for many. Dogs are vulnerable, they can't stand up for themselves or explain in words why they chewed up your shoe. And yet, they will trust you with everything, give you whatever you need.  Why is that so easy for dogs and yet so hard for humans?

My 18 year old dog Kumi likes to lay on the cold stone floor in my house--her coat is as thick as a comforter and the coolness of the floor keeps her comfortable. Someday, she won't be here on this earth with us and I will need to remind 22 year old Gabi that the 5 year old Gabi was able to say bye and let nature take its course. I will need to let my fears diminish and trust that my puppy will be ok because she would have trust. Without my dogs, I am not a good person. They have taught me patience and kindness. I wonder what I will learn with Kaiah in the next 10 years or so...what a wonderful journey this will be...


  1. This is beautiful, binks. Put a smile on my face <3

  2. ditto. well said.

    also, dogs are the best.

  3. BEAUTIFUL. I almost shed a tear.

    Dog expo experience/pictures too?