Wednesday, June 1, 2011

A tribute to Lady GaGa

Coolest lady ever.

"For a little while, I thought girls were just jealous, which is why they were mean to me. Maybe they were jealous of my fearlessness. But I think I genuinely used to rub people in the wrong way. I’d talk about things and do things that were very ostentatious, and over the top, and very vain. And it’s part of my artistic aesthetic. I think you’re born an artist. It’s like being gay. You’re born gay, and then you discover that’s who you are over a period of time in a world where maybe being gay is not the normal thing. Then you look it in the eye and you say thank you, and you put it in your heart and you lock it up and you go. When you’re 12 years old and making clothes with plastic flowers attached to them, and trying to choreograph shows at your school that are entirely too sexy — you start to be like, Okay, this is my aesthetic. My aesthetic is in so many ways exactly the same as it was when I was younger, I’m just smarter. And I know how to execute the ideas. And I have a bigger budget." --Lady GaGa


  1. DUDE, did you watch that documentary on her? Lady Gaga Inside the Outside or something? So interesting, she's so weird! She talks like she's reciting poetry. True artist.

  2. It was the best interview i've ever seen. She is so smart and witty. I only wish we were best friends.