Monday, January 30, 2012

And so it begins...

As I begin to think about my trip to Venezuela, I currently am listening to "We are young" by the glee cast (sorry to those avid "Fun" fans) and the lyrics start to unfold to me in my own interpretation which is ultimately why I am going to Venezuela. I'm not sure if I would have an opportunity like this one again. I've graduated from college and it's time to face the music...reality. I'll get a job, which in turn will give me more responsibilities and less time off. At first I thought that me traveling was a way to avoid "the real world" but i've come to realize it's not that. I have always lived close to home, went to college close to home and now I'm living 30 minutes away from home. I have always been afraid to leave the nest but I think this is my time to finally do it. Having my good friend by my side will make this adventure one we will never forget. I'll be documenting our adventures on here so stay tuned to see what and who we encounter (hopefully franklin guttierrez!!). Thank you to all my family and best friends who have supported me through this process; without you, I don't think I would be as strong as I am now. So come along with me and Sarah to VENEZUELA!