Tuesday, June 7, 2011

I am perfect.

That statement above is false. But don't we all strive for a sense of perfection?? I definitely don't and never have. I have always been content with the fact that i'm average. Average size, average weight ( I hope!), average looks, and average dog. But today, I turn a summer leaf over. From this day forth, I am going to try and learn how to bake. I love sweets and sugars, but I suck at baking.  Once a week, I will try a recipe, either from my good friend Julia Childs or some other random cook book my mother owns.  My mom is an excellent cook so why can't I possess those genes??? I will report my progress on here and show you what i've made.
 Wish me luck, as I enter the world of determination and sugar.


  1. I am so excited at this prospect! That said, allow me - as someone twice your age - correct you on a couple of points.

    1. You are most definitely not average. You are quite remarkable and outstanding. I suppose a lot depends on how you are measuring yourself and with what criteria. No, you are not Albert Einstein. Nor Mother Theresa or Miss Universe. But... you are Gabi. A most unique and wonderful human being.

    2. Thank you for praising my cooking. But I am terrible at baking (think back to my lame attempts at cookie and cake baking.... enough said). Therefore, I think we could make a fabulous kitchen duo.

    Wishing you luck, my little Junior Julia Child!

  2. I agree with your mama. AND I'll only be a few minutes away whenever you need an audience to try out your goodies. :) :) Wooohh.