Monday, February 13, 2012


Hello again. Not sure who is reading but if you are, I am so glad you are still coming along with me to Venezuela because this place sure is fun. This past weekend we decided to change our scenery and head to the beach. 3 ish hours out from the city--something I think we both needed. The city is so noisy and busy and let's be honest, Caribbean water sounds MUCH more appealing. We left early Thursday morning and headed to this first beach called Chorroni. There's a little town and then the beach front. To get there, you have to go up the mountain and then back down the other side of the mountain to get to the town/beach. This road we took was built long long time ago by a man named Humbolt who decided he wanted to create this road to get to and from this town. People weren't allowing him because it wasn't safe or that people wouldn't go on it. Little did they know, that many years later, WE would be embarking on that forbidden road. Let's just say, I can see why they didn't want him building it. Very narrow roads that are two way streets and most of the corners are blind so half the time all you hear is honking so each car can communicate to each other. It was about an hour and a half one way and an hour the other way. To say the least, a very long 2.5 hours. But it was all part of the experience and that's ultimately what we wanted. Once we arrived in the town, it was very cute, a couple hostels around and mostly all tiendas that sold beachy things. It's very clear they make their money off of the tourists and beach goers. The beach was beautiful,  the waves were big and dramatic. I kept distracting myself with the stray dogs though, they were everywhere on that beach. And most of you know, I have a deep love for dogs so seeing these dogs made it very tough on me. There was so much beauty in front of me and yet so much sadness right next to me; it made me feel so conflicted. I tried to not let it get to me, but I failed at that. There was one dog that reminded me of Kaiah so I waved him down and the last 40 minutes we were at the beach, he snuggled right up against me and I pet his head and body. I could see how much he loved that contact that he probably lacked. We sat together for a long time just cuddling and talking to each other (well I did most of the talking). After a while, I could tell he started trusting me and when any vendor walked by and talked to me he stood up and barked them away. I giggled a bit but mostly, I was shocked I had earned this dogs trust especially living in a lot of solitude. I will never forget that face of his. Leaving the beach that day was so hard. I still think about him all the time and hope he finds someone to cuddle him every once and a while.

That evening, we headed to Morrocoy, which is where we stayed for the last 2 days of the weekend. In order to get to the islands we wanted to swim at, we had to take a boat that reminded us of Amazing Race, especially the episode when they were in Thailand. Once we arrived to the beaches, it was pure bliss. Beautiful water, light sandy beaches, and the temperature was perfect. Our poor Seattle bodies aren't used to the sun so we got a bit crispy but it was all worth it. Both days at the beach, we were greeted with various vendors, selling us jewelry, headbands, and whatever else! Of course, we both gave in, buying fun earrings, bracelets, headbands and whatever other do-dads that are fun to have. Sarah did well on buying for other, not so much. After both days spent at the beach, my body felt very tired and I felt like I was ready to return to the city. I think I had a hard time getting over how I felt at the first beach. I allowed my feelings to affect me but I'm glad that they did. I am only human and the sadness I felt or even happiness is all part of the experience and allowing myself to feel every emotion makes me a stronger person and an imperfect human. I am grateful to the dogs at the beach and on the street that have taught me things about myself. And I am grateful to the vendors who sell day after day on the beach in the heat. They taught me that life isn't always easy and sometimes working hard is how you will succeed. And I am grateful for the tears that come down my face when I feel like I can't handle the sadness anymore. And I am grateful for the happiness that helps me see hope. I just am grateful that one place could help me grow as a person-- and it's only been 2 weeks...

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