Saturday, February 4, 2012

Culture shock

We made it! What a trip that was….I guess when you pay for something cheap, you get what you buy! We had an 8 hour lay over in Mexico City from 11pm- 6 am ish and we sat outside the ticketing booth on cold tile floor just waiting; felt like The Amazing Race! We met an Australian boy our age headed to Vancouver to snow board…sarah and I laughed because we know Australian boys in Vancouver too well ;) It was nice to have someone to talk to but after a while I just wanted to close my eyes but couldn’t. Eventually we got on our flight and headed out to caracas! Since we have been here, it’s been really great. It’s beautiful, very green and the temperature is nice and warm (maybe a bit too warm!). We mostly have been going to some kid soccer games and exploring the city. We have been so shocked by the driving here! It's awful, you think LA or NY is bad?? Noooo way. They don't follow the rules of the road at all and even crossing the street you just hope you don't get hit. We have LOVED the food. Everything is just so fresh and delicious. The fruit drinks are to die for, they are all fresh and you can just taste the fruit as you drink it. Today we toured around downtown Caracas. It was pretty intense, lots to take in. I thought Seattle was a big city but it aint. There are so many people everywhere and people selling things; it felt like a whole other world, which is why I wanted to do this. I want to experience how other people live. We walked around a lot today, tried taking in a lot but it was pretty overwhelming. There were lots of stray dogs which really made me sad. I wanted to squeeze them all and take them home but no can do :( It's been interesting so far this experience because Sarah and I have been experiencing the same in many ways but in other ways, not as much. I have travelled to poor countries before and have seen a lot of what we have seen but Sarah hasn't and it's really opening her eyes in a positive way. But we both have the same feeling of confusion, feeling lost and cultured shock. People tend to stare at us when we walk by, especially if we are talking. If my mouth stays shut, I can get away with blending in but sarah, not so much ;) All in all, we have really enjoyed it here so far and looks forward to experiencing other cities in Venezuela. ( Also ignore my terrible grammar, I just am doing like a stream of consciousness :))

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